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2011-05-14 19:08:55 by hummer101

WOW has been a long time on newgrounds just wanted to let the ppl i usually talk to know im ok lol. oh and whitedj iv tried sending you messages but it says u disabled private messages RAWR!! i hate it when that happens lol. so pretty much i was on vacation and then iv been sick alot grr to that! my body hates me lmao. also for a week i was in panama city on my vacation for bike week and i have my fav motor cycle as my pic hehe!!! :3i missed you all muah muah lol


gaia online

2010-04-02 16:57:00 by hummer101

iv just now got an account for gaia online and it is super cool. the outfits are cool and the people are also really cool and i meet alot of cool people on it lol!! who ever hasnt been on it or you dont even know what it is just go on
oh and look me up on it sami_uchiami

toss the turtle!!

2010-03-28 16:51:00 by hummer101

so the game isnt new but it is really awsome and just the whole game all you do is ''duh'' toss the turtle. also depending on how far you toss your turtle you get money and you get to buy new equipment to shoot the turtle farther and you get alot of medals :D also its an AWSOME game so try it and have fun!!!!!

toss the turtle!!

ninja assasin!!

2010-03-18 17:24:35 by hummer101

omg i fianlly got to watch the movie ninja assasin and it was fawkin awsome!! :D
if anyone hasnt seen it you must see or i will find you and make you watch it. lol
the movie is full of action and it is really gorry (srry peop dont know how to spell that)
but anyway the ninja fughts were awsome and the swords were fricken awsome XD!!

ninja assasin!!


2010-03-14 15:33:08 by hummer101

so yeah iv been like getting lots of messgaes from new people on new grounds and they are really fun and enteresting people!!
so i would love to here more from all different people that are on newgrounds :D
i luv you all XD

for the pervs!!

2010-03-09 12:19:22 by hummer101

ok some of the mature games are wierd and of coarse all the pervs watch or play the games but there are more enteresting games on newgrounds then just the ones in the mature section. get your perv butts out of the mature section and watch and play other things!! lol

lol yeah i may be a perv and all but i love all the mature games if your old enough like 18 years and oldar you guys should check out my fav games meet n' fuck thay are enterestiung games!!