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2011-07-21 21:08:41 by hummer101

omg i dont know why but today is so boring!! went shopping and its freaking HOT out like my tires for my car were like going to melt and my air conditioning is froze and so im sitting by it with my hair dryer getting the ice off.... i hate tampa fl -___-



2011-07-16 14:39:16 by hummer101

after a week at my friends house i got into some new freaking AWESOME music and if ur into techno u have to lisen to SKRILLEX go to this web site to listne to one of there songs ots called kill everybody hope you like it tEW4


true blood

2011-07-12 15:25:55 by hummer101

those of you who are true blood fans omg the 4th season is getting better, those of you have cable hbo is 201 and at 9 on sundays its on!! oh and eric northmen gets hotter XD <3

:( grr

2011-07-11 12:58:54 by hummer101

for maybe a month now this guy iv been talking to hasnt returned emails but oh well i think maybe hes working alot but it makes me sad cause what else am i saposed to do all day? lol oh and i found out that he haas been also talking to other girls hmm should of exspected that! just makes me think he was lying about the whole thing about him liking me and what ever!

fable 2

2011-06-30 16:17:42 by hummer101

OMG i finallly finished fable 2, my bro had deleted it twice and now that i finished it i bought every house and shop known demand woohoo! if u need help finding gargoyls and need to know how to open demon doors ask me!! or you can go to google and just type what you need to find lol

Music gets me thro the day without going to depression, i can listen to my own thoughts and my music is who i am today when im sad i listen to flyleaf or paramore, when im mad ill listen to slipknot or disturbed, when im mutual or calm theres say anything and neon trees.
with all the artist i listen to they go with my mood and they are my inspiration to singing and id listen to there music pounding in my ears and ignoring the world!

there are good albums out especially for flyleaf : momento mori if u love flyleaf uv got to listen to that albulm i love there song cicrle for that albulm.
paramore oh god there awesome i love there 1st albulm riot! that albulm i love thats what you get hehe
what would i do without there music?!?!?!


2011-06-17 16:52:39 by hummer101

so i have officially gone blond, i look a little wierd the blond is really super bright my mom said it will mellow down a bit, its a nice change. around summer time i usually do some kind of hair change iv cut my hair short once, dyed it black oh and red but blond was next on the list. i dont freak out like most girls would i like change lol ill take better pics of it later lol


guys suck!!

2011-06-07 16:16:34 by hummer101

not all guys suck but some do. theres one guy iv been talking on here but he keeps putting a setting on his inbox to not recieving mail -_- i hate you lol for 3 weeks iv been trying to email this guy and cant. i officially hate you lol

toss the turtle is an amazing game and i can play forever if i didnt get shoved off my own computer. IF you have never played this AMAZINGLY SUPER AWESOME game then u must play now lol prettty much u buy awesome aquipment like cannons (which u shoot the turtle out of and there are many) and then there are your guns (they help u shoot ur turlte further while ur in the air) there are also jet packs and mini mines. all of them can help you get ur turtle further. I have gone in 1 turn 25 miles thats about 220136.9 ft. yes i have no life haha or i just have awesome aquipmeant hehe :3 if uv never played its super cool hehe and the names of the medals u are awarded are funny lol

i officially have no life hehe :D

tats hurt haha

2011-05-27 21:31:19 by hummer101

todays my bday YAY!! i got a tattoo went out and had fun lol it was my 1st tattoo and it was bigger then i thought and it burns like crazy!! the tattoo parlor i went to is called atomic tattoo omg they were amazing and i loved there peircing and tats! pain is beauty hehe

tats hurt haha