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2012-11-09 12:21:24 by hummer101

so halo fans, how is halo 4? i havnt gotten the game and all of my friends havnt been giving me there feed back cause there glued to there xbox controllers so can someone please tell me how halo 4 is? i really loved the first 3 games and i really want to get it but not unless i know my money is worth this game :P

so please someone help me with my issue xO


2012-09-04 21:41:54 by hummer101

Wow I miss new grounds, I havnt been on in about a month, I feel so wierd for not being on here. Oh well cause I'm not going to be on here a lot more cause I have a baby in the way so here comes another month or 2 Grr new grounds im going to miss you xO I love you new grounds lmao ima try and get on to keep in touch with my friends on here tho so that's a lil plus! :D

wifi connection

2012-07-04 13:31:34 by hummer101

i hate wifi 1st its connected then it cant find my connection 0.o why do you hate me so much wifi!!
it takes me forever just to check my newgrounds and my facebook UGH!! DAMN WIFI.

i hope im not the only one that has problems cause i dont want to feel crazy!!

wifi connection

2 months without wifi -_-

2012-06-19 19:37:06 by hummer101

it has been about 2 months sense i had wifi SOOOOO to the ones that are emailing me and commenting on my posts i will get back to you on your emails or comments :D so dont worry .
i had moved to a new place and it took forever for me to get internet back -_-
those 2 months were hell without my newgrounds account i was slowly dying inside lol

but im back woohoo and ready for action ;D


2012-04-13 14:51:16 by hummer101

anyone interested in dubstep? if not get your happy ass into it, ya ya people might like skrillex whatever ya he came out with some new songs too but ephixa is amazing and he came out with some new stuff. if you never listened to ephixa you shoud listen to this -----> re=BFa&list=PL321CA52B20F42E18&lf=mh_lolz . and who could forget arion he does the monster cat stuff ------> re=BFa&list=PL321CA52B20F42E18&lf=mh_lolz&index=
. omg and then theres klaypex -----> re=BFa&list=PL321CA52B20F42E18&lf=mh_lolz . need anymore dubstep suggestions just ask me i have tons of playlist on youtube :D

hugs and kisses <3


toss the turtle!!

2012-01-28 14:48:43 by hummer101

i know this game has been on newgrounds since 2009 but i can not stop playing toss the turtle!!
there are alot of medals to win and ya you could possibly get arrested for animal cruilty but i think it would be worth it hahah i fucking love this game!
if you are new to newgrounds then you must play it!!

toss the turtle!!

2011-10-11 20:38:02 by hummer101

sooo my dad had found this site called and if you like to read it has many ganres and on fanfiction people make up these storys by mixing up movies or shows with othere different movies or shows etc, the most populer one i have read is harry potter. omg there is harry potter out the ass on that site but the harry potter series are mixed with other books and what not like harry potter mixed with stargate atlantis and the reading is wonderful and its funny they change albus dumbledor to a bad guy in all the storys... i guess people want to see him being a bad guy cause he would be the most amazing bad guy ever even more bad ass the voldermort so if you are enterest go o and check it out!!


2011-10-04 21:53:55 by hummer101

WOW I HAVNT BEEN ON HERE IN AWHILE!!! how could i not be on here like all the time 24 freaking 7 like why not, newgrounds is freaking amazing. the people are cool and the games are awesome ;D

last day

2011-08-22 15:15:44 by hummer101

omg today is the last day of summer, school starts for us students in hillsborough county ugh this sucks i was hoping summer would last forever!! :,( lol


2011-07-27 10:18:54 by hummer101

So summer is so boring this year there is nothing to do
I work only weekends and then I waste my time at home doing nothing grr it sucks. Hopefully everyone else is having a better summer then I am!!!!!